About us

Easst.com is a dynamically developing architectural office which creates both architectural and interior designs. We treat each project as a challenge to which we try to add a unique atmosphere. Our work is striving for harmony and form. We pursue that in created by us projects the atmosphere of the place is reflected and expressed by sensual materials.

Our work comprises all stages connected with creating space: starting with the concept which has to be a perfect reflection of customer’s expectations, through constructions projects, gaining construction permit, executive projects, precise pictures of details, quotations, calculations, cost evaluations and author’s supervision.

Easst.com is also a project management company that provides turnkey projects and building management services. The customer does not have to take part in a complicated construction process but only waits for the final moment – starting to use it.

Marcin Sucharski / Architect

Earned his degree at the Faculty of Architecture of Poznan University of Technology (2001). He completed architecture courses at Northon University of London and Architectural Workshops at Fontys Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, Tilburg (The Netherdlands). He cooperated  among others with a designer Robert Majkut and the authorial studio of an architect Paweł Handschuh.

Łukasz Sterzyński / Architekt

Earned his degree at the Faculty of Architecture of Poznan University of Technology (2001) and a diploma of Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Industries de Strasburg (2004). Chosen Competitions: Pilkington Glasshouse (Central Europe Category) – 1st prize; Urban Competition of City Council of Strasburg – 2nd and 3rd prize (2 editions); Prof. Czarnecki’s Competition – 2nd prize and award (2 editions); Competition for an Aquaform Bath Design – award. A two-year cooperation with architectural office – Rey – Lucquet in France. Since 2009 registered architect in National Council of Architects of France.